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Today, a miracle happened.

photo-141I actually put on mascara.

And while this small task would seem to be described as anything but a miracle, for this particular girl who has rarely made it out of bed for the past few weeks, crumpling over in agony from the morning sickness that accompanies growing new life inside, something as small as applying mascara feels like a true miracle to this nauseous pregger.
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I could barely sleep.

6amalarmclockExcitement and anticipation about Gold Monarch Healing Center opening its door for the first time the next morning on December 11 had me up all night going over lists of things that still had to be done before we welcomed our first guests the next day.
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Yesterday as I sat in the stunningly enormous kitchen of the Gold Monarch Healing Center in front of a roaring fire IMG_1386with my son Moses and niece Caroline Grace, I should have been overwhelmed with the sheer miracle of the situation.

After all, in less than 9 months, donations came in to pay for a breathtaking property as a retreat center to help broken hearts (and broken bodies) find deep healing and release from trauma, hurt, and pain.
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Tonight, as I listened to my 2-year-old son Moses squeal with delight while driving through a sparkling Christmas village, I sure was glad we hadn’t Unknowndecided that Santa Claus was an ‘unChristian’ part of Christmas.  Watching him light up like a Christmas tree while pointing at Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty the Snowman, eventually exclaiming, “this is my favorite thing ever” was pretty much my favorite thing ever.

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“Oh death, where is your sting?  My resurrected King has rendered you defeated!”  -Forever, by Kari Jobe

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.22.48 PM(Written by Kari Jobe, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson, Gabriel Wilson, Joel Taylor, Christa Black Gifford)


I remember the first time I tried to sing those words at my daughter Luca’s memorial service on March 7, choking and gasping for breath as if I’d swallowed poison, yet fighting to declare truth with what little strength I had left.
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When I sat down last night to try and make a requested Christmas list for family members to order from, I had a tough time. design I didn’t really need anything, let alone want anything (other than a house!), and figured that might not fit on Santa’s sleigh, or in the realm of most people’s Christmas budgets.
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