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Alright loyals.


I need your help.

We’re a little over one month away from the June 7 release of  Heart Made Whole: Turning Your Unhealed Pain Into Your Greatest Strength and I’m ready to see the brokenhearted learn how to get their unhealed pain into the hands of Love!
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Dear Heart,


I’m so so so sorry I have been cruel to you.

I’m sorry I’ve neglected your screams, hating parts of you for being wounded and broken.  But instead of trying to understand why you were crying after trauma kept crushing you, I shut you down, letting a portion of you grow cold to simply survive and keep functioning.
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Your throat is scratchy, you feel as though you might cough up a lung, and the thermometer is reading over 101 degrees, making the ache in your body almost unbearable.

No one shuns you for heading to the doctor, reading your clear physical cues to help you get the medicine needed to regain your health.
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It’s been two years since we buried our baby girl, Luca Gold.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.37.05 PMAnd yesterday, on her second birthday, our family genuinely celebrated her little life with laughter, singing, dancing….blowing out candles and sending two gold balloons into the heavens.  I never imagined that after that kind of tragedy, my heart would be catapulted into the best version of itself….
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As my Studhub, Lucas says….“Authenticity is job security.”

girl-in-a-pondAnd I couldn’t agree more.


I’ve read all the online tactics to gain more followers, to increase readership, and ‘become an online sensation in 5 easy steps!’  I’ve heard the statistics about how readers need consistency, and how they need you to crank out content that will make them come back salivating for more.
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From Christa:  As we all know, exteriors rarely reveal the full depth inside a person’s heart.  And though my Patagonia-wearing Gifford-150Studhub, Lucas, is a physically rugged Crossfit junkie who can probably lift you up over his head….all while scaling a mountain without losing his breath….his inner strength and weighty wisdom FAR outweigh anything we can see.
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