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From Christa:  As we all know, exteriors rarely reveal the full depth inside a person’s heart.  And though my Patagonia-wearing Gifford-150Studhub, Lucas, is a physically rugged Crossfit junkie who can probably lift you up over his head….all while scaling a mountain without losing his breath….his inner strength and weighty wisdom FAR outweigh anything we can see.
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computer-addiction1Even reading those four letters causes many of you to turn up your nose in judgmental disgust, while others lower their heads heavy with shame.  But because most of us live in a modern electronic age, flipping on the Internet and accessing porn is just about as accessible as turning on the water faucet.
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2014 was a year of loss and pain for our family.  And 2015 has been a year of rebuilding.

KByz1VPMddzjWWq1Lr5bTNkLZRw_08YV0ciR5yw-2sk,X8igXr2o2OX1XodyuK7ccXodWcaIsuZj6KqJXpOjCCgAfter we lost our little Goldie, not only did God begin rebuilding our hearts from the rubble mess of tragic death, but He also began rebuilding the hearts of so many from all over the world.
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Before I start….let me get something off of my chest.

shame_movieBecause of the massive response of my last blog called ‘What Does Christian Sex Look Like?’, I put a lot of pressure on myself to have all the answers in this next blog.
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It was the day before our wedding on 7/7/07, and Luke and I could barely keep our holy hands off of each other.

hqdefaultWe had spent a few days moving our belongings into a new apartment with bright pink carpet, dreaming of how this would be the place where sex would finally be ‘legal’ as good Christians.
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I am angry.  Very angry.


For decades, this was an emotion I had taught myself not to have as a good Christian girl.  But when my Goldie died, the most powerful part of my healing process was the permission Jesus gave me to be angry….
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