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Any chance I get to hear Bill Johnson speak, I know I better have my computer ready.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 12.15.16 AM

I’m sure I look rude the whole time because I rarely, if ever, have time to look up from my screen.  I’m too busy typing every word that comes out of his mouth.
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Every year for the last 6 years, I’ve taught at Bethel School of Worship (WorshipU) in Redding, CA.

maxresdefaultWhen I started teaching in 2009, I’d never really spoken before and thought it might be fun since the classes were small and running about 30-40 people.  Years and thousands upon thousands of students later, the worship school (headed up by Brian and Jenn Johnson) has grown into a massive Worship University that equips and teaches students and worship teams from all parts of the globe.
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This morning as I was making my son his breakfast, I put on a kid praise cd to get us dancing.

imagesThe first song resounded with a children’s choir singing words about the protection of God, and how no matter what, He always protects us.  I looked down at Moses excitedly and said, “Moses, did you know that God will always protect you?”

But the second the words came out of my mouth, I felt the pain.
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I’ve realized that I opened a can of worms that’s far bigger than just 2 blog posts on the subject of prayer.

prayer2-620x499But since I’m not looking to write a book on prayer anytime soon, I’m going to try to cover the major holes, knowing full well I’ll leave a lot of room for argument.  However, in order to give an umbrella teaching on the power of prayer in regards to my situation losing my daughter Goldie, I’m going to have to concentrate on one aspect of prayer, which is why I’ll be talking about prayer concerning healing.
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Friends.  I’m so sorry.

I had half of a blog written to post on Wednesday to finish up my series on Why Do We Pray If Nothing Changes…..

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 7.58.13 PM

And then Hawaii happened.

The beaches happened.

The people happened.

The lunches, dinners, surfing, and conference happened.
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prayer_0Christa, you said you and your husband prayed for your daughter every day while she grew inside your womb.

You declared God’s promises for her wholeness, her destiny, and her life.

You believed, you had faith, you worshiped, and you had so much trust in the goodness of your God.
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