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After the essential oil blog exploded on Monday, I decided to continue hippie week, hoping to recruit as many of you to my little card-carrying club as I possibly could.



Which is why today, I’m going to tell you why I chose to have both of my children with a midwife—and zero drugs.
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body-unburdened-young-living-essential-oils-2As a certified hippie (Oh yes, I’m a proud card carrier), even I was a bit skeptical when my mom wanted to rub me down with oils for the nasty case of bronchitis that had come to knock me off of my feet.
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The fire that comes with death burns with such intensity, if you have any cracks in your foundation, the heat will expose every weakness.

keep-calm-and-show-no-weakness-1And the scorching heat of the recent death of my daughter Goldie on March 5 not only exposed all sorts of buried cracks, but sometimes I feel like I’m having the reoccurring naked dream where you wind up at school in just your underwear.
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Well friends.


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.34.14 AMIn just a couple of days, I have over 1400 email subscribers signed up to take this God Loves Ugly Study Guide Challenge with me, and I couldn’t be more excited to help coach you into the brokenness of the heart, and lead those wounds to the greatest Healer the world has ever known.
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“I don’t want to read God Loves Ugly.  How could Christa possibly understand how I feel!  She’s skinny.”  

Christa--RehabYear after year for about a decade, I looked at skinny girls and had the same thought.  How could thin people ever understand my daily torment of attempting to stuff myself into “fat jeans”—praying that the zipper would make it up all the way up without squeezing my muffin tops into the shape of a small whale?
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Last week while hanging out at a going away party for a friend, I started making small talk with someone I had just met.

Before I knew what was happening, passion took over and I started doing what I normally do—getting excited about Jesus, freedom, and the wholeness of the heart—and began gushing (ok, ok, more like preaching) about all God could do to heal her deepest heart pain.
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