Christa Black

I am angry.  Very angry.


For decades, this was an emotion I had taught myself not to have as a good Christian girl.  But when my Goldie died, the most powerful part of my healing process was the permission Jesus gave me to be angry….
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When I wake up most mornings, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and I could pretty much sing ‘Supercalifragalisticexpialidotious’ after opening my eyes.

4cab6c6a12f0bb9e0ea17abf6ae361d8The hubs, however, is a night owl and needs a cup or two of coffee in the AM before the grunts turn into actual words.
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Several weeks ago I went shopping for myself—which is about as rare as snow falling in October.

shopping-boejlerAnd while many of you think that’s an exaggeration, I was on orders to go shopping from one of my best friends who found out that I’d only worn ONE main bra…..(wait for it)…..
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I’m not the type of blogger that writes controversially to gain followers.  I’m also never going to personally attack IMG_1781someone that I disagree with, which many people use their online platform to do.  My heart is always to point people to what’s right about the world, not what’s wrong—writing to bring healing and not more pain, reconciliation and not division…..always.
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Reading old journals can either be inspiring, or a little bit embarrassing.  And reading mine can be a bit of both.

IMG_1578Before the husband, the kids, the blog, book, and speaking platform, I was simply a full time musician, touring the world with all sorts of artists, hoping to one day have my own musical stage.
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Two years I have waited.

IMG_5798For two years, Luke and I have longed to bring home our little girl, with bassinets staying empty and dainty clothes stored away.  When your body is carrying life for the majority of two years— 17 out of 24 months, to be exact—you feel an everyday ache as your arms stay empty and silence haunts the late night hours.
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