Christa Black

I’m so sad today.

Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Jonas-FleuraimeSad about what’s happening in our country with this onslaught of brutal shootings.  Sad that as a white woman with ancestry in the south, I’m sure my generational line contributed to this explosion of hatred and violence that began long ago with slavery.
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For many many years I would sit and wait on God like scripture told me to.  I’d try to silence my head, sit still with rotary-phone-off-the-hookmy eyes closed, and listen for something that I wasn’t exactly sure how to hear.

Was that my thought, or His voice?
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I’m sitting in a busy coffee shop right now, pausing to look around.  There are strangers, chairs, and the clinking of glasses.  There are conversations, laughs, babies and water.

worship-lyric-projectionAnd God is in it all, holding everything together as we’re forever floating and connected in an ocean of purest love.
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HeartMade3DPaper_SmallHeart Check

Take a moment and place your hand on your chest, breathing in deeply and becoming aware of the physical organ that beats inside to pump life and blood to every part of your body. The blood that’s pumped to your brain allows you to think and make decisions and causes the rest of your body to function.
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I grew up hating my heart.

heart-drawingI hated what came out of it….the inconsistency of my wounded emotions and the mystery of my whirlwind thoughts.  I hated that it seems to tether me behaviors I hated even more—addictions, perfectionism, and manipulation.
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Since I was a little girl, I’ve pretty much had the same routine each day.

HeartMade3DPaperWake up and immediately begin climbing a large mountain called Inadequacy.

To climb this ugly mountain, I’ve had to acquire certain skills:  Overachieving. Performance. Perfectionism.  Producing.
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