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This past Saturday at the Jesus Culture Los Angeles conference, I stood in front of a beautiful audience and proclaimed the goodness of my God in the midst of the deepest suffering I’ve ever experienced—in the recent loss of my baby girl Luca Gold.
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Make sure and tune in tomorrow, Saturday July 19, at 9:30 am for live streaming from Jesus Culture LA!

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Some of my favorites, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, are leading worship first, and I speak at 10:30!



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Sometimes, there are themes released throughout the earth.  And there seems to be a common chanting for BRAVERY.

UnknownKaty Perry wants us to Roar.

Sara Barellais wants us to be Brave.

Amanda Cook through Bethel Music declared that God had something to do with bravery with her song You Make Me Brave.
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People keep asking me….how did you not know Goldie had anencephaly?  

anencephalyWith a neuro tube defect that caused her skull and parts of her brain not to form, anencephaly is extremely easy to diagnose in early pregnancy during an ultrasound.  In fact, I’ve only found one other woman (so far) who carried to term and had no idea there was a problem.
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Any chance I get to hear Bill Johnson speak, I know I better have my computer ready.

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I’m sure I look rude the whole time because I rarely, if ever, have time to look up from my screen.  I’m too busy typing every word that comes out of his mouth.
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Every year for the last 6 years, I’ve taught at Bethel School of Worship (WorshipU) in Redding, CA.

maxresdefaultWhen I started teaching in 2009, I’d never really spoken before and thought it might be fun since the classes were small and running about 30-40 people.  Years and thousands upon thousands of students later, the worship school (headed up by Brian and Jenn Johnson) has grown into a massive Worship University that equips and teaches students and worship teams from all parts of the globe.
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